SMART REPAIR stands for the application of modern repair techniques in repairing minor damage such as dents, scratches, perforations, stone chip, small windshield cracks, etc. Such damage is much easier and cheaper to repair with the SMART method than with conventional repair techniques – and that without compromising our high quality standards.

We offer the following SMART REPAIR systems:

  • Paintwork-protecting dent removal system,
  • Spot repair,
  • Windscreen repair,
  • Repair of plastic, vinyl and leather.

Paintwork-protecting dent removal

The clear advantage of this technique is the avoidance of paint damage and the resulting preservation of the vehicle's original paintwork. It prevents colour variations in the paintwork and therefore helps preserve the value of your vehicle. The total cost savings amount to as much as 60 % as compared to a complete repainting of the damaged parts.

Spot repair

We use spot repair to remove scratches, stone chips and comparable damage – professionally and without repainting the entire component. This high-quality repair method yields excellent results and facilitates cost savings of up to 40 %.


How is it possible to professionally repair stone chip and cracks in windscreens? We use UV resistant resins for a repair job of the highest quality. Because this technique avoids replacing the entire windscreen, repair costs are reduced by up to 75 %.

Repair of plastics and leather

We employ special techniques in repairing damaged plastic parts such as bumpers or decorative strips. Because our method keeps the visual variation between repaired parts and original at a minimum, it is no longer necessary to replace expensive parts and you will benefit from cost savings of up to 70 %.